More comfortable than your home

The journey of One Istanbul Residence started with the recognition of the need for a hotel in the concept of a warm house, which can be complete substitute for the home environment, on the Suadiye side of Kadikoy.

The villas, which have been used as a venue in Turkish cinema and belonged to the Ihsan and Omer that members of the Gazioglu family, were converted into a boutique residence consisting of 17 apartments.

Erol and Aydan Gazioglu, who have a personality that misses the warmth of the home environment during their travels abroad, decided to consider this estate of family as a boutique residence.

The philosophy of ours was set out as to make our guests feel at home and exclusive, unlike and different from other hotels on the Sudaiye side of Kadikoy.

“You will feel yourself at home”

As for our rooms, there are different features in their different models:

  • Standard Suites
    (Generally, accommodate up to 2 guests.)
  • Sea View Suites
    (Have the most special sea view in our residence.)
  • Deluxe Suites
    (The largest rooms in our hotel.)
  • Street View Suites
    (Have a view of Bagdat Street.)

In our all rooms free wi-fi service is available. Also, you can use the car park of our residence for free. All rooms in our residence, you will have a kitchen. All of our kitchens are equipped with the necessary household electrical appliances.

Due to location of One Istanbul, various restaurant, stores and shopping centers will be next to you. One of the most excellent and interesting features of One Istanbul is that it is very close to the sea. In this way, you can easily reach the coast when you want to walk along it. So, you will feel yourself like at home when you stay in our boutique residence which has very hygienic and comfortable location.

Afterwards, the apartments were furnished with pleasure, a delightful and tasteful design that reflects the warmth of the home and every detail has been thought separately.

As another issue for One Istanbul Residence;

We intended to;

  • Make our guests feel themselves like at home and do not seek the warmth of their home.
  • Provide easy access and transportation to our guests.
  • Make a place to be missed.

Today One Istanbul Residence has become a place where two sisters, Aydan Gazioglu and Nurdan Guven have managed.

One Istanbul Residence Suadiye continues to serve with the determination, eagerness and pride that received from customer satisfaction, under the care and daintiness of two entrepreneur women.

One Istanbul Suadiye is located in one of the most valuable places of our day with its central location on the Kadikoy side which is a special district of Istanbul.

One Istanbul Residence, that has an environment where guests leave with satisfaction, continues to maintain its uniqueness with its central location.

We serve with an effort to provide sincere environment, luxuriousness and tranquility with apartments providing home comfort which have different variety of square meters.

Located on Bagdat street, a special district of Kadikoy Suadiye, One Istanbul Residence Suadiye ensures a high level of comfort and convenience for both long and short stays with its magnificent views of the Princes' Island and the sea of Marmara.

One Istanbul Residence is located within walking distance of to;

  • Cafes which located on the Suadiye Bagdat Street
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Precincts
  • Boutiques
  • Cinemas
  • Theaters
  • Gyms
  • Business centers and banks
  • Coast

You can also reach the Princes’ Islands from Bostanci pier by ferry and enjoy delicious fresh fish at the restaurants of them.

Apart from all of these, there are services which you can spend time with the sea air, such as;

  • Walking along the coast path
  • Cycling
  • Resting in cafes on the coast

We would be pleased to welcome all of our customers who will come to our residence.