Celebrities Who Choose Us

One Istanbul Residence has been serving for many years and is known by many people. One of the most important reasons why our residence is preferred by most of people and even celebrities is that it is close to everywhere with its central location.

In the journey that we started and aimed to provide the best service for our guests, we are very happy to prepare the environment where our guests can feel at home.

Different rooms are available in One Istanbul Residence, such as Standard Suites, Sea View Suites, Deluxe Suites and Street View Suites.

One Istanbul Residence is located in Kadikoy, close to the coast, shopping center and various restaurants. The reason for being preferred is that it gives maximum importance to comfort and hygiene and has a structure that you can feel yourself in the home environment.

All of our guests who visit One Istanbul Residence are special and valuable for us and we would like to remind you of our celebrities who visited One Istanbul Residence.