One Istanbul Will Be Your Second Home

8 years ago, the journey of One Istanbul Residence started with the discovery of the need and lack of a boutique hotel and residence on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. This journey has been started with a philosophy that guests would make them feel special and at their home while thinking every detail and with pleasure, unlike other hotels and residences on the Anatolian Side of the Istanbul. The happiness of our guests that we can read from their eyes when they visiting us, also makes us feel great and extremely happy. To this respect, our residence has been designed with the utmost attention and care for just our guests, for you. Comfort, hygiene and sea view that provided to our guests in our rooms cause that our rooms to be the prior choice.

Imagine a place... With the luxury and comfort of your home, only 1 street away from Bagdat Street, where you live in your room which has your own kitchen and bathroom, with every comfort, care and pleasure ... A place that, in one step you can blend in the crowd and the life and also where you can return to your own calm and peaceful life, and you can carry out all of these in comfort.

We continue to provide an issueless and lasting service to our guests, with philosophy of "You will feel yourself at home". Our guest provided with facilities throughout the stay, like;

  • Easy access
  • Convenient transportation

All of our guests who came to One Istanbul Residence have always been our guests, not customers for us.

Thank you for choosing us.